ISS Provides the Following Services

  • Alarm System: Security and Fire –
    Choose a fire / security system that right for your business. We have a wide assortment of alarm panels, keypads, smoke/heat/motion detectors to suite every need.
  • Special Hazard Systems –
    Some types of businesses require more than conventional fire protection. For the proper protection of your property and its contents it is important to identify when special hazard situations that require alternative types of fire suppression systems exist. Whether your property is industrial, commercial or institutional Integrated Safety Services, LLC can properly identify special hazard situations and offer a wide range of solutions for any fire safety exposure. Inspection and test are key components in maintaining your Special Hazard Systems.
  • Automatic Fire Sprinklers –
    Fire protection experts generally agree that automatic sprinklers represent one of the single, most significant aspects of a fire management program. Properly designed, installed, and maintained, these systems can overcome deficiencies in risk management, building construction, and emergency response. They may also provide enhanced flexibility of building design and increase the overall level of fire safety.
  • Emergency Lighting, Exit Fixtures –
    The first thing a fire department does when responding to a fire is turn off building power. Some buildings automatically kill power when the fire suppression system is activated. It is critical that all exit signs and emergency lights function properly so people in the building can exit safely.
  • Fire Suppression Systems –
    We can protect your equipment from fire with a suppression system designed specifically for you.
  • Backflow Prevention Devices –
    The physical connections between drinking water pipes and substances which are not meant for consumption are called cross-connections. To control these cross-connections and prevent backflow, a Backflow Preventer must be installed at the point of the cross-connection. These backflow preventers must be tested or inspected upon installation to assure they are operating properly. Additionally, they must be tested or inspected annually to determine their continued capability to prevent backflow.
  • Commercial Cooking Hood Fire Suppression Systems –
    For all commercial cooking appliances, an approved extinguishing system installation system is required for all grease removal devices, hoods, duct systems and any cooking appliance that may be a source of ignition of the grease in the hoods, grease removal devices and duct system. Semi-annual inspections are required.
  • Fire Pumps –
    Fire pumps and engines are separately evaluated and tested to determine their suitability and durability for use in fire sprinkler systems. Their construction is examined for compliance with the requirements. Pumps and engines for fire-protection service are also subjected to performance tests to confirm their operation and compliance with the requirements and the ratings desired.